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After gaining my degree in Environmental Science, I spent a few years working on environmental education and work experience programmes. I loved the work, but realised that I needed to get some practical skills if I was to be able to offer more.

On moving to Bristol, I started working for a friend’s landscaping business and then, as a result of the 80’s recession, started dragging branches for their tree surgery company. It was at this time that my love of the natural developed into a passion for trees.

In my time at All Seasons, I learnt about what it meant to be a part of tree gang, how to work on trees, why different jobs required different specifications, how and why we pruned trees in the way we did. It was the time of Alex Shigo and ‘Modern Arboriculture’ and my friends began my education in tree physiology and disease identification.

They gave me an invaluable skill set that enabled me to work for a landscape company in Japan, to be able to appreciate the amazing trees in the tropics and to tough it out with the tree men of the Pacific North West. When I came back from my travels, I came to appreciate, even more, what we have here and fell in love with my own country!

I took a job with Treework Services and quickly became the Contracts Manager, where I learned all about managing tree teams, how to price work, run contracts and deliver a service to meet our customer’s needs. My boss was passionate about cutting edge arboriculture and involved us in tree risk assessment, tree databases and the ‘new’ discovery of Veteran Trees. He loved to motivate and educate, and encouraged me to study towards my professional qualifications.

With my Technicians Certificate, I entered into the world of tree surveying. Street trees, in Bristol. Highway trees, all over Nottinghamshire. Open space trees for Mendip District Council, eventually becoming lucky enough to become the manager of their tree stock.

By this time I was self-employed and my practice grew to manage over 10,000 trees for a variety of clients. I also became involved in supplying tree officer cover to the planning departments of North Somerset and Mendip District Councils and learnt about trees and development sites from all sides of the process.

As the business grew, Clair joined the team and brought her technical know how and admin wizardry into the office, providing much needed support.

2013, was my 15th year in business, my practice has developed to include auditing work for Western Power Distribution, along with my tree management and development site clients. I am studying for a Level 6 Professional Diploma in Arboriculture, which is taking my understanding of trees to a new level. I remain passionate about trees and the contribution they make to us and our environment. I am developing a deeper understanding of the role they play in the ecological networks around us and the ecosystem services they provide in our world.

I aim to give a fully rounded and bespoke tree advice service to all my customers. From someone with a single tree in their garden, who needs some advice on pruning or a tree disease. To a land owner or organisation with many hundreds of trees, who need to know about tree risk management or tree stock regeneration. It may involve garden restoration, contractor management or tree planting suggestions. My approach is to try and give you all the options, to empower and guide your decision making, and help you make the best choices for you in the management of your trees.

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What We Do

  • Tree Surveys
  • Tree safety
  • Tree consultancy
  • Tree risk management
  • Arboricultural impact assessment
  • Tree planting
  • Tree advice

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