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So what is an arboriculturist? And what services can we offer you?

Arboriculturists specialise in trees and their management. As a profession we are highly trained and are required to master a wide skill set in order be able to take into account the many different aspects of the urban and rural environment that are required when managing both public and privately owned trees.

We have detailed knowledge about trees and their diseases, and have experience of managing large populations of urban trees, often in difficult circumstances. We are able to liaise with other professions and have the ability to create management strategies that take a wide spectrum of stakeholders into account. We have to be aware of historical perspectives, while looking to incorporate biodiversity gain and added amenity value into a landscape and aiming to plant the right tree in the right place.

An arboriculturist is a valuable asset to any strategic or developmental project. We understand the importance of trees. We have experience in their establishment and care, and we know how to protect them. As professionals we are able to critically evaluate proposals and are able to contribute to the creation of integrated landscape and environmental assessments.

Because we understand the value of trees, we also understand how important they are for people and the environment. Trees produce oxygen for us to breathe, they intercept pollutants in the environment, they help prevent flooding and add value to our lives and properties. Trees are long lived and provide a sense of place and belonging over many generations.

In short, people need trees and they need them to be managed professionally so that their life and the benefits that we get from them can be maximised.

For the home owner and tree manager on private land, we offer tree advice on specific issues or if required, write and individual tree report. We can carry out a walk over survey to give you an overview of your trees and what issues you need to address. From there we can offer specific disease diagnosis or internal decay assessments, or we can create a tree risk management plan, so you can demonstrate you are meeting your duty of care as a tree owner. We also have experience of creating tree planting schemes, landscape designs and have experience in historic garden restorations.

For local authority, housing association or other public sector tree managers, we have extensive experience of providing services and support that can help you with your tree management issues. We carry out tree surveys, develop and manage tree databases which can form the basis of your tree risk management strategy. We can help you manage your trees by creating tree work programmes and can liaise with your contractors to help get the results you desire.

We have extensive experience of working with local authorities and offer Tree Officer Support for planning departments and have experience of making and revoking Tree Preservation Orders. We also offer tree consultancy to Planning Consultants.

For the architect or developer, we offer specialist advice and carry out tree surveys to BS5837:2012. This process includes a tree constraints plan, an arboricultural impact assessment and a tree protection plan, which can be used to inform the design stage of a development project. Through our local authority experience, we are able to liaise with the local planning authority and provide a balanced view on how to accommodate trees in a development. Once planning permission is gained, we are able to help you discharge any planning conditions and facilitate the successful retention of trees, which will add value to your site.

In the Utility Arboriculture sector we carry UA5 qualifications and have experience of carrying out line surveys. We also carry out auditing work of tree surveyors and tree surgery operatives on line clearance contracts.

What is an arboriculturist and what services can we offer you?

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