Climate Change

The human-made climate and ecological crisis has its beginnings in deforestation for land clearance and agriculture.

But in the last couple of centuries the scale of the deforestation, agricultural practices and the burning of fossil fuels has brought us to a tipping point in the balance of the systems that support us.

We can’t plant our way out of the crisis, it requires more radical solutions than that, but by planting trees on a massive scale, and planting the right trees in the right place, we can begin to redress the balance of losing more than a third of the planet’s forests. And mitigate against some of the impacts that the climate crisis will have on out towns and cities.

Keeping the existing trees standing and increasing canopy cover by planting trees in the urban environment is a very practical way of doing something about this crisis and reducing your impact by improving carbon sequestration, oxygen production, rainfall and pollutant interception while increasing the benefits derived from the ecosystem services that trees provide and the shade they offer to cool the urban environment.

Changing the narrative from apocalyptic rhetoric to positive action changes perspectives and encourages creativity in the face of the challenges that we face.

We have been working with a local council on identifying the benefits of their existing tree stock, finding ways to improve their carbon footprint, create planting schemes, write a green infrastructure strategy and encouraging multi-stakeholder involvement across the locality, resulting in numerous positive community led actions. The services that we offer provide practical ways and tree-based solutions that support the transition and road map to achieving carbon net zero and beyond.

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