Tree Surveys

If you are a landowner and have trees on your land, then you have a duty of care to manage those trees in a reasonable way.

A tree survey will help you understand the condition of your trees and identify if there is any work required to address structural or safety issues they may have.

In their guidance document a ‘Common sense risk management of trees’ the National Tree Safety Group (NTSG) suggest that ‘one fundamental concept should underlie the management of risks from trees. It is that the evaluation of what is reasonable should be based upon a balance between risk and benefit. This evaluation can be undertaken only in a local context, since trees provide many different types of benefit in a range of different circumstances.

The NTSG position is underpinned by a set of five key principles:

  • Trees provide a wide variety of benefits to society
  • Trees are living organisms that naturally lose branches or fall
  • The overall risk to human safety is extremely low
  • Tree owners have a legal duty of care
  • Tree owners should take a balanced and proportionate approach to tree safety management’

Our approach is to enable you to demonstrate that you are meeting your duty of care and managing your trees in a reasonable and proportionate way in line with the principles identified in the national guidance. A tree survey provides the information required to develop your tree management plan.

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